About Viewpoint Community Media

Our Vision:  A vibrant and cohesive local community, with the skills and access to create, express and communicate through media.

We aim to help build local communities whose members can participate as producers as well as consumers of media content.  Benefits of this include an increased understanding of local issues, local identity and diversity; more pathways and audiences for creative expression, and greater participation in a healthy public realm.

Our Mission:  To develop and promote media skills, access and participation in local communities.

By developing opportunities for individuals and groups to acquire the skills and access to participate in media, we are supporting the growth of healthy communities.  In particular, we are building social and digital inclusion by providing opportunities for skill development, as well as access to platforms, facilities, resources and support.  Through the Swindon Viewpoint Community TV platform we also aim to provide direct access to information, knowledge and entertainment of local interest and value; and by this support a culture of communication within the town with corresponding social value.

Accountability and Representation

We are a non-commercial organisation, and aim to be fully representative of and accountable to our community.  Impartiality and diversity of participation are key dimensions of our work – we support producers in maintaining full creative and editorial control of their content, free from any political or ideological influence.  Click here to see further information on how we operate.

While we exist to serve our local area, we believe communities everywhere can and should benefit from similar projects.  As such, we support and assist the development and implementation of new community media initiatives both locally and nationally.

Viewpoint Community Media is a recently registered Charity, born out of the Swindon Viewpoint initiative – Britain’s original and longest-running Community TV service which has 45 years experience in the field.  For more information on Swindon Viewpoint please click here.

Honorary Patron: Lord Joel Joffe CBE

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