How we operate

Viewpoint Community Media is an ‘Association’ model of Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  In order to ensure we best serve the Swindon community, our members are made up of other local Community & Voluntary Sector organisations who are given the right to elect (1 vote per organisation) our Trustees at our Annual General Meetings.

Our Constitution enables us to have up to 12 Trustees, 3 of which spaces are reserved for the co-opting of key roles such as Treasurer, Secretary and Fundraiser, which are essential to the operation and success of the organisation.  Trustees can serve a 2-year term, before standing down for re-election and all those wishing to stand must first gain the nomination of one of our member organisations. To request a nomination form please email

VCM believes media services should be accountable to the public they are here to serve.  We have therefore developed a governance structure to reflect this belief as best we can today.  We hope that this structure also ensures we are widely representative of our community.

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