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  • Swindon Equality Group
  • “The production values are way beyond anything we could have done by ourselves and I think the project has given the team sufficient confidence to start to have a go themselves.

    Most important for us though was that the young people involved got to feel that it was their film and their project. Having been involved from initial discussions to pre-production, filming and finally appearing in the finished piece, I know they all learned a lot and got a great deal out of the process.”

    Rob Chappell
  • “It’s always a welcome surprise when an organisation approaches to say that they’d like to help and you don’t have to do anything but turn up! And that’s what happened with Viewpoint Community Media. Whilst we had ideas for a film, we had no way of delivering it. VCM provided all the kit, and the cameraman, and helped us deliver a project which would otherwise have remained an idea. It’s great that Swindon has such a resource and I would strongly encourage other community organisations to use them.”

    Annie Vickers
  • “Working with Viewpoint Community Media on this video was very useful and productive both for Swindon Equality Group and for our cause. Members of our group were directly involved in understanding the processes and activities required to ensure a quality production. We were able to comment on the initial edit of the piece and assist in shaping the final version.

    Having a short, professional, video to show helps to explain the issues involved and also the purpose of our group. It has helped us to recruit local members and also showcase our work to other groups around the country. Knowing that there have been over 2000 viewings of our video is very encouraging indeed, especially for existing members.

    The whole process was managed with great skill and professionalism by the Viewpoint team and the completed item was made available in a very short time.”

    Tom Wilkes

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