Previous Projects

Examples of previous projects can be found below.

SMASH Youth Project

This autumn we worked with SMASH to create a short film to help them communicate the value of their work. We worked with a small group of staff, volunteer mentors and young people (mentees) throughout the planning and production stages to, first of all, establish what their primary needs are as an organisation and to then train and support them to create a useful production to support these aims. There were two main needs that came through – attracting more mentors and, as a 3-year funding stream is coming to end, securing follow-on funding to continue to support and train mentors and manage the overall scheme. Of course, without one you can’t have the other, so we decided to focus on a short film with a focused message and audience that they can present to potential sponsors and use within funding applications.

View ‘SMASH* – On The Line’

The Harbour Project

In Summer 2015 we worked with The Harbour Project to create two short videos. The first is the beginning in a series of interviews with Regufees and Asylum Seekers, allowing them to share their personal stories of what led them to leave their homes and the experiences had on their journeys in getting to the UK.

The second was a social media campaign video called ‘Give A Ship’ which created as way to encouraging people in Swindon and across the UK to support the rescue efforts and encourage Government to increase the number of rescue ships being sent in support of a drastically worsening migrant crises.

View ‘Alsadig’s Story’

View ‘Give A Ship’

Swindon Equality Group

In Spring 2015 Swindon Equality Group approached us and asked if we could film an event they were organising. SEG are linked to the national Equality Trust, whose Executive Director, Duncan Exley, was visiting Swindon to give a talk.  We provided introductory camera, interview and post-production training with members of their group involved to recording the event.  The talk was far longer than the optimum time people watch videos online for these days, so worked with members of the group to select the most crucial messages and condense it down into something which they could more usefully share with their audiences.

View ‘How Unequal We Are’

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