Fire and Steel


Life in the great railway factory as told by those who experienced it.

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What was life like inside the great GWR Swindon Works where fire transformed steel?

Once the largest covered workshop in Europe ,which at its peak employed over 14,000 in the task of hewing the steam giants from furnace and forge, this was the beating heart of the Great Western Railway. Undoubtedly the best known railway company in the world.

In the eighties over a  hundred retired workers were interviewed to gain their views and experiences; –  and a range of these are included here. Their memories are are by turns shocking, informative and amusing and are complemented by original footage shot inside the works before it closed and unique archive film from 1913 and 1934

This film vividly portrays life in a railway factory and the drama and danger of the work.   It adds immeasurably to the story of Isambard Brunel’s great venture.


‘Essential Viewing’  – Swindon Advertiser

DVD Running Time 45 minutes


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